Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Law of Compensation

On my way to church one evening while reflecting on a number of things, I heard the words "The Law of Compensation" ringing in my mind. Actually, I was meditating on this statement, "Your problem is not what you don't have. You problem is what you have but have refused to use''. It was as I tried to reason it out, that these words- The Law of Compensation- dropped in. My mind was turned lose as I tried to ascertain the existence of such law and to my pleasant surprise, I discovered that there is indeed such a law at work in the universe- it is at work in man, it is at work in animals, it is at work in nature. Have you noticed that some animals have certain senses well developed in them in comparison to others. Some animals who may not be a fast as a cheetah more often than not have their sense of sight or smell well developed in them than in the cheetah to compensate for their slow pace. Some of them even develop (or acquire) special organs that compensates for the lack of pace. The same applies to man, at least in principle. I once told the youths of my church that everybody has something about them that should make them bold as well something that should also make them shy. For some, their height is their source of pride and they use it to their advantage whether you like their faces or not (i mean they may be ugly by your standard). I have also seen short guys who command attention with their oratory prowess whenever they stand to speak. So interesting, such guys would always have "something" to say at any meeting they are. For some it is their complexion while for others, it is their beauty. The examples are countless!

I strongly believe that this law is the basis for the popular statement, "there is ability in disability". There is this general believe (of course with examples to back it up) that if a physically challenged person esp a cripple holds you in his grip, you are done for except he chooses to let you off. So long as your sight is intact, your mind or your senses of touch can never be developed to the point of mastering certain musical instruments. But when your system equilibrium is disturbed, the system adjusts to re-establish a new equilibrium. We know the story of John Foppe, a man born without arms, whose lower limb muscles have been so developed to compensate for his seeming "disability". They now do for him what the arms do for us. That's why they say, there is ability in disability. The problem is that we don't look deeply inward to discover it.

Your problem is not what you don't have but what you have and don't use- Anonymous
"What have you in your house?" was the question Elisha asked the poor widow whose late husband's creditors were after her two sons. It was with what she had that her needed miracle emerged from. Stop lamenting your "have nots" and start maximizing your "haves". When the disciples of Jesus met him to complain about how to feed the multitude, it was from what they had amongst them that what they needed to feed the thousands came from. Adam didn't have a wife but he had a rib from which a wife was formed for him. Blind Bartimeaus didn't have sight, but he used what he had, a voice, to get what he needed, sight. Identify and maximise what you have today and watch God use it (or them) to make you the man or woman He created you to be.
Like the mathematicians would say, "start from the known (your haves) to the unknown (your have nots). The Law of Compensation is activated when we effectively use what we have. If we do this, it has a way of either creating, attracting or transforming into, the "have nots" that are indispensable in our journey to greatness. The Lord Jesus said, "those that have shall be given (because they effectively maximize that which they have) while those that have not, that which they have shall be taken from them (because they refused to make use it)". Emphasis mine. This is a both a natural and a supernatural law. What you don't use you lose, the Law of Atrophy states. And until you effectively use what you have, you are not entitled to more.

The Law of Compensation states that what you don't have has been compensated for, one way or another either naturally or supernaturally, in what you have
What you have has the potential of creating, attracting or transforming into the things you need but don't have at the moment if you effectively deploy and utilize them.
Folks, for your information nobody is born empty! God has packaged everything you need within and around you.
The English alphabet are twenty six in number but through permutation and combination, the words we can create with them are innumerable. The same with numbers, we have natural numbers ranging from 0 to 9 (hope am correct?) from which every other number imaginable is derived from. All truth are parallel and the above is true even in life. The message is that you can with the resources you have within and around you, recreate your world. Do you have potentials, talents, ideas, gifts, money, or people? Which ever you have can be utilized and harnessed to attract (or create) that which you lack but need to be successful in life.