About Me

John 1:22 "...who art thou?" This was the question the Jews posed to John the Baptist. They wanted to know who he actually was and I believe this is why you have clicked this page, to   know  who actually is Prince Ifeanyi Okeoma.

Whatever I say or write about myself will certainly fall short of my true identity 'cos I am made in the image and likeness of the ALMIGHTY, whose image and nature are quite ineffable.
Well, I am that disciple whom Jesus loves, an inspirational and expository teacher, preacher and writer though, still a divine work in progress. I am a christian through and through but I must confess that I belong to a class that is neither Orthodox or Pentecostal. I'm simply a student and a die-hard follower of Jesus Christ and an ardent believer of the Holy Bible.

I am simple, gentle, humble, Spirit-motivated, result-oriented and quite unassuming. Thanks to the work of grace! I am a kingdom-based human development personnel and youth leader with a passion for Purity, Purpose and Productivity. I believe in change only if it is in pursuit of any or all of these Ps. I have served (and still serving) in different units, departments and bodies in various capacities as coordinator/team leader, Asst. coordinator/team leader or secretary and presently the leader of the youth ministry of my local church. I have bagged a few awards both as a team and as an individual. So much has been said about the Chinese proverb, "don't give a man fish, instead teach him how to fish". I believe that while I teach you how to fish, it is my God-given responsibility to also give you fishes as much as I could until such a time when you are able to catch them yourself. Jesus didn't only teach those whom He promised to "make fishers of men", He also fed them. That's a food for thought! Actually, that is the summary of my youth leadership policy. I don't only motivate and inspire youths, I also want to be involved in whatever way I can.

I am a Microbiologist by training but currently working as a inside sales and marketing personnel in one of the indigenous services firm in Port-Harcourt. This is actually my second successive stint as a sales-marketer after an initial but short spell as a Lab. Asst. immediately after service. My first stint was with a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) distributing firm under the West African Popular Foods Ltd. I am also into a bit of IT and have done some crash programme as well. The "inside" aspect of my present engagement is predominantly internet based, you may call it e-sales/marketing if you like.

My educational history dates back from the early eighties: I had my Nursery education at Four Seas Nursery & Primary Sch, my primary at Army Children Model School, my secondary at Baptist High School all in Port-Harcourt before proceeding to Abia State University (aka God's Own University). It was there on campus on the 8th of March 1998 that I finally gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ after battling under conviction for almost two years. Hmm! You see why I call it God's own university.

I like a lot of things most of which I do for hobby, pleasure or necessity and top amongst them are reading, writing, listening to music, praying and thinking. Yes, I like football and am a fan of Arsenal FC.