Friday, 21 March 2014

Latent Phase of Success


By definition, something is said to be latent when it exists and capable of developing but not yet visible, obvious or active. When you put a grain or seed into the soil, the first few days, weeks, months or even years are period of intense activities (metabolism) within the seed. These  activities necessary for germination and growth though not visible to the external environment. That's the latent phase. I'm not a farmer, but am sure the the seedling takes root first before putting forth its shoot and finally starts producing fruits. Note the sequence. Most times, the longer it takes to germinate, the deeper the root. And the deeper the root, the stronger ( and may be longer) the shoot. And most times, the stronger the shoot the longer the life span.

You can't bless others without first being a blessing to yourself. By being a blessing to yourself, I mean investing first in yourself- your dream, your vision, your ministry, your career or your business. The dividends(fruits) from such investments are what blesses others. Don't feed others with your seed or else you will have no future. Let them wait for your fruit no matter how long it takes and they as well as you will be better of for it. I once read from Robert Kiyosaki some years ago that, "you should pay yourself first".

I didn't quite get it then, but now I do. This is a very hard lesson!
There comes a time you (like the seed) may need to be out of circulation, a time you (or your resources) may be inaccessible to others strictly for investment or developmental purposes; a time you may have to deny others your time. You may he misunderstood. It may mean taking time out to rest, to go for that course or training or to do anything you need to do to boost your performance or output. When your output(what you give out) exceeds your input(what comes in), then your upkeep (continuity) becomes a nightmare. You need a latent phase and the more Latent phases you undergo, the longer your success will last. The problem is that a lot of people are eager to start bearing fruits without first taking root. That's not the sequence. A house is not built from the roof but from the foundation. It is root first, then shoot and finally fruits. That is why most successes don't last. They lack the patience, discipline and capacity for sustained self development. Instead of re-investing the fruits of their success into their farm (business,career or ministry), they end up spending them on things that have no bearing or impact on their vision. The same set of people you are eager to ''feed'' with your ''fruits'' without first taking root will leave you for another fruit bearing fellow when you crash.

The Lord Jesus had what it takes to start His 3 1/2 years earthly ministry even from the age of twelve but He waited (not idlely or passively) until His was 30. That's a latent phase!

Please learn to pay yourself first. Shalom!

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