Tuesday, 25 November 2008

"God Does Not Owe You Anything..."

I was in a church service on sunday when the pastor made the above statement. A seemingly controversial but thought provoking and instructive statement, I would say. He told the congregation that, "God does not owe you anything, what has He not done for you?"

Although he failed to really expantiate on that statement, as I meditated on it, I soon realise the profound message it carried. We all know the first commision God gave to man when He created him. How He commanded man to be fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion over it (Genesis 1: 28). Before this commision, in the same verse, the scriptures recorded that God blessed man (and woman). In other words, He empowered tham to be able to fulfil the commision that was to follow. So when man was eventually formed and placed in the garden of eden, God owed man virtually nothing as he (man) has already been empowered and positioned to carry out this divine mandate. In like manner, you have been empowered and positioned to prosper unless you are not in your garden. Every man has his God given garden: his purpose, calling and destiny. Locate you garden and function therein.

Both within and aroung Adam, was everything he needed to be fulfiled in life. Every resources he would need was there, if not within him, it was around him including that from which Eve, an help meet, was formed.

God owes you nothing but has carefully packaged within and around you every resources you would need to be succesful in life.
We often hear statements like "there are no enough resources to go round". But is this true? I don't think so!
People say there is no money in the country, but I tell you, there is more than enough to make evry citizen live comfortably.
The truth is, there is enough resources within and around you to be whatever you want to be.
However, the problem is that most of us are seeking opportunities instead of accessing and maximising the resources at our disposal. Example is how we scramble for paid jobs...lol. Harness and maximise them, they in turnn will attract opportunities to you. A man's gift maketh way for him, and bringeth him before great men (proverbs 18:16).
Resources are not scarce, it is opportunities that are.

The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 captures this truth vividly. The master gave every one of his servants talents some five, some two and some one according to thier several abilities. He gave them talents ( resources) according to thier individual abilities. As long as thier master was concerned, he owed them nothing. Whatever life they chose to live, was a function of what they do with the talents. Notice that the opportunities (or privileges) available to them at the return of thier master was contigent on thier usage of the talents (rescources) he gave to them.

Who told you that there is nothing in your hands? When that widow whose late husband's creditor came to take her two sons met Elisha, in II Kings 4:1-3, the prophet said unto her, "tell me, what hast thou in the house?" Thank God she realised that she had something and it was from what she had that what she needed came from.
When the disciples of Jesus met him to complain about how to feed the multitude, it was from what they had amongst them that what they needed to feed the thousands came from.
Adam didn't have a wife but he had a rib from which a wife was formed for him. Blind Bartimeaus didn't have sight, but he used what he had, a voice, to get what he needed, sight.
Identify and maximise what you have today and watch God use it (or them) to make you the man or woman He created you to be.

Folk! What do you have? Do you know God owes you nothing? He has packaged everything you need within and around you.
The english alphabet are twenty six in number but through permutation and combination, the words we can create with them are innumerable. The same with numbers, we have natural numbers ranging from 0 to 9 (hope am correct?) from which every pther number imaginable is derived from.
All truth are parallel and the above is true even in life. The message is that you can with the resources you have within and around you, recreate your world. Do you have potentials, talents, gifts, money, or people? Which ever you have can be utilized and harnessed to attract (or create) that which you lack but need to be successfu in life.

God owes you nothing! What has He not done for you ? He has given you resources and a brain to put them to good use and above all, He gave you His son, Jesus, His word and the Holy Spirit. What you make out of all these is soley your responsibility and not God's

Go in this might and prosper!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Power of Simulation

Hello there! I am glad to be back writing and more especially with the part 3 of "How Big is your God?" I would strongly recommend that you peruse through part 1 and part 2, to really get a full grasp of the series thus far.

I have entitled this part "the power of simulation" to give us some variety and also to really capture the main thrust of this part. Remember, we will be looking at the dynamics of the God Mind (or the Master Mind). Please read parts 1 and 2 again, if you haven't done so, to see where we are coming from.
I don't know your defination of the term "simulation" but let me define it as reproduction, replication, or recreation. It means the act of reproducing, replicating or recreating something.

I told us that the next step in tapping into the power that lieth within us by which God is able to do above what we say or think is to think, speak and act like God. In other words to simulate (reproduce, replicate or if u like, imitate) His thoughts, words and nature.
A story was told of a cub (a young or baby lion) who found itself growing in the midst of sheep and each time they go feeding or drinking at the stream and sight a lion, they take to thier heels while the unlucky ones fall preys.

As this continued and the cub grows, the similarity between it and the predatory lions became more and more obvious to it. It could see itself in the lions. So one day as the lion approached, while the sheep fled , the cub decided to hang on and infact it ran towards the lion. To cut the story short, it soon starts replicating what it sees the lion do and was surprised to discover it has the same inherent ability to do just that. As it watches, so it tries to simulate- it roars and even prey on other animals.
The cub carries the same gene (DNA) as the lion. This ability was within but was not yet discovered and so not tapped into because it has been in the wrong environment. This cub would have remained in the midst of the sheep and probably perish like a sheep even though it was born a lion. No wonder the scriptures says in Psalms 82, that "i have said ye are gods and all of you are the children of the most High but ye shall die like men".

As born again children of God, we are to look up to and simulate the thoughts, words and nature of our heavenly father for we have His "DNA" (the inherent ability) deposited in us by the Holy Ghost on our inside. Aligning oneself with His thoughts, words and nature as revealed in scriptures and trying to replicate them puts one in union with the Holy Spirit such that He (the Spirit) acts in partnership with such one to bring such thoughts or words to pass as He would were they coming directly from the father. Is this too hard to believe? It shouldn't be. Didn't Jesus say that He can of himself do nothing but that what He sees the father do that he does also-that is simulation. And He has assured us in scriptures that greater wokrs than He did shall we do. Take Him by His words!

As you master the art of simulation, situations, circumstance and even devils become increasingly unable to decipher where such thoughts, and words are coming from- whether from the Almighty or you- and hence they obey and bow to them as they would were they directly from God himself. Even if they seem to know, they can't act otherwise because you are already acting in partnership with the Holy Spirit, a member of the godhead.
Have you acted on the sound of someone else's voice that sounds very much like that of your dad or boss only to discover that it was neither of them? That is how it works and i call it the power of simulation.

If you think His thoughts and speak His words, you are bound to get His results.

Tap into this power via the art of simulation and become a master of over circumstances, situations and devils.
Remember that true and effective simulation begins with possessing/exhibiting the God- or Master mind.


Monday, 3 November 2008

How Big is Your God?-(2)

Welcome to part 2 of "how big is your God?" and like I said, we will be examining the second part of our text to see how God operates to do above what we ask or think.

"Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" Ephesian 3;20

The scripture clearly states that He does this according to the power that worketh in us. Has it occured to you that there was no reference to physical or material possession or stuffs like that in this verse? Let me rephrase this verse to give you a better understanding of what i mean. Lets use the verb "provide". Now unto Him that is able to provide above what we ask or think, not according to the nature of business we do, the size of our account (or salary), caliber of persons we know or the nature/state of the economy. No! not according to any of these channels, but according to the power that worketh in us. This means that, knowing how to harness this power puts us in the driving seat because the power resides within and is independent of any of these external channels.

Hope you know it is God's orignal plan and design to have man dominate and rule over the earth? And to be able to carry out this responsibility, God endowed man with this power. However, when man fell from grace, he lost virtually all this power to the devil and since then, the natural man has been depending on physical/material things (i.e. external sources) in his attempt to carry out this responsibility. Time and space will fail me to expantiate on the consequencies of this but one of it is that man became limited in his ability- He more or less became a one dimensional being instead of a two (or three) dimensional being.

But thanks to God! With the victory of Jesus over satan, this power was reclaimed and is now made available to mankind albeit, to the believers in Christ. Now get me right, everybody whether a believer or a non-believer, has a measure of this power within being made in the image and likeness of God. But for the non-believers, this image and likeness has been battered and corrupted by the devil thus making the natural access to and release of this power difficult if not impossible. That is how far I can go on this for now.

Back to our text. To be able to access and unleash this power, you must develop the God Mind and be able to act like Him. Before we look at the dynamics of the God Mind, lets see what I mean by the God mind. Let me say that although I have known and even discuss this verse of scripture before, most of what I have put down and will yet put down were expounded unto me in the course of these posts (
part 1 and part 2) . And many atimes to expound on such insights the Spirit of God brings to your remembrance segments of relevant materials or scriptures you have read to butress and drive home the message.

The God Mind is a state of mind or feeling that you are in charge of the situation- a feeling of dominion over circumstances. It is that inner assurance and confidence that you have the key(s) to that situation or problem. A mind that is never troubled, frightened, worried or anxious no matter the circumstance, challenge or situation confronting it-a never panic mind. The resultant effect of this is a MIND that is at PEACE-The Master Mind. This is the first thing you must get right before you can put this power to work. This is one of the signs of an answered prayers no wonder the scriptures, after admonishing us to be anxious about nothing but in all things we should thru prayers make our requests known to God, went ahead to say "and the peace of God that passess all understanding will keep your hearts and minds...." Jesus showed and demonstrated the master mind on several occassions while He walked the face of the earth.
For instance, when He came to the room where that damsel lay dead, He didn't panic but told the mourners to give way that she wasn't death but sleepeth. Wao!! When He got news that Lazarus was dead, He showed the same attitude. Mind you the "Jesus wept" we know in John 11:35 was an act of compassion and not perplexity or helplessness. In the midst of the storm while the disciples panicked the master was right in there sleeping becuase He knew He was always in charge and had the key.
Dipo puts it perfectly right when he wrote on power flow in his post,
small money part 2, about Jesus feeding 5,000 that "The sitting down position also represents peace and calmness as oppose the usual rowdiness of the 5 thousand individuals. You need to generate power at the position of peace because inspiration occurs when you relax".
Praise God! the scripture says we have the mind of Christ but the truth is, we need to develop it to this level and achieving this, is no mean task.

The next step is to act like God. Learn to think, speak and act like God. And if I should borrow Adeolu's phrase, "be like God". Yes! be like Him and before you accuse me of speaking blasphemy see what Psalms 82:6 says, "I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are the children of the most High". It is just natural that we be like our father. More of this in part (3) as we analyse the dynamics of the God mind.
I will sign off here to continue in part 3. Actually, I never knew that I would need a part 3 to conclude this write up, believe me. But I think I have written enough to provoke your thoughts and would delve into the dynamics of the God mind in my next post.

Luv U!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A friend sent this to me via email this morning and I thought it could bless and inspire your life 'cos it did just that to mine.
Enjoy and get inspired!

Monday, 27 October 2008

How Big is Your God? - (1)

This post was actually provoked while meditating on my pastor's sunday message. He lamented, in the course of the message, that a lot of us have defined God and limited Him to the size of our monthly salary. As a result, we can't think, dream and plan beyond the boundaries of our salaries. As l lay on my bed meditating on this, the following scriptures and thoughts (which actually were not used by him)flooded my mind and i immediately reach out for my sermon note so i could elaborate on them and possibly share them with you.

The Bible says God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Ephesians 3: 20
This scripture is heavily loaded! I have often told people that when it comes to matters of universal significance or dimension, God can do without you or me if we are not willing to lend ourselves to Him although, He often employs several means to get us to bow to His will, remember the case of Jonah?
However, when it comes to matters that have to do with your life and destiny, He can do nothing without your corperation and agreement. In such matters about our lives, God is as big as far as our confessions and thoughts permit Him. Didn't He say in Isaiah, that He creates the fruits of the lips and in Proverbs that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he?
Note that He is ABLE to do but this doesn't automatically mean that He WILL do no matter what our confessions and thoughts might be. Your confessions b4 and after prayers and your imaginations (thought life) are no less important than you prayer life.
God is ABLE to do above what you ask or think BUT WILL only do as much or as little as you confess(ASK) or imagine(think). Please note the diference.

Ability will only translate into performance whenever there is a task to be done. And the level of ability demonstrated is directly proportional to the amount of task involved.

How big is you God to meet that need or solve that problem? A lot of people define and size God up and to them, He is only as big as thier monthly salary can go. If the cost of that project, implementating that idea or meeting that particular need exceeds thier salary then it is something that shouldn't be dared. They don't see God meeting thier needs through channels other than thier regular, usual means of income or salaries. So they confine their plans and imaginations within the boundaries of thier regular income thus limiting thier God. God surprised me last month and this one by doubling my monthly income, i mean times two (x2) and i am not talking of increase in my salary but an unsual channel of supply. This fact came to my mind as i lay meditating. Actually, one of my prayers that sunday after the message was that God should forgive me for limiting him.

Don't confine God to the limit of that doctor or medical test's report, He is ABLE to do beyond what the reports say but WILL only do as much as you permit Him to by your confessions and thoughts. We should ask and think BIG! I will leave you to focus and meditate on this.

Watch out for part II, as we examine the second part of our text which has to do with how to unleash the power (residing within you and me) by which God is able to do above what we ask or think.

See you then!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Activity Vs Spirituality

Opening text:"Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful; and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her" Luke 10: 41-42

The above was Jesus' reply to Martha's protest about her sister's refusal to come and assist her
with the chores. Hear her in Luke 10:40 :"But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him (Jesus), and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me".

Martha and Mary represent two classes of christians in most churches today: the activities conscious christians and the spirituality conscious christians. They also represent the conflict that most christians face in their spiritual journey and walk with God. How do u mean? If this is your question then read...
Let me start by saying that activity is religion while spirituality is experience. Jesus by His response underscores the superiority of spending time with God and His word over religious activities no matter whom we are trying to impress. No wonder the scripture says in Mark 3:14,
"And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach." First to be with Him so as to attain some, if not a full, measure of spirituality and then to go out and do the work. But so many of us put the work first.
A lot of so called christian workers are busy working and walking themselves out of the kingdom. This is bound to occur no matter whom you are until you understand the superiority of spirituality over activities and always strive to balance them out. Somebody once said that
"when your output exceeds your input, then your upkeep becomes your downfall". A lot of us keep giving out (output) without spending time with Him and His Word to renew ourselves (input) and in an attempt to maintain the same top level performance (without renewing) we burn ourselves out. Many atimes, our leaders and pastors are responsible for this malady.
Just like Martha, those who are activity-driven often face the temptation of trying to impress either their leaders or pastors and also that of despising those who are less active as not being spiritual.
Are you aware there are those who are very close and personally known by thier pastors; very popular in the church due to thier many involvements but very far from God? Some would cover up thier short comings (even though they know they fall short of God's standard) so as to be involved in that religious activity-sing in the choir, play that drum or keyborad, teach that sunday school lesson, take that communion- because they don't want others (or thier pastors) to question thier spirituality. But how wrong they are!

Friend! are you cumbered about many things while leaving out that which is needfull which actually is what you need to effectively do the work? Are you religious (activity) but not righteous (an experience), sanctimonious (outward demonstration) but not saved (an experience), pious but not pure? Watch it! beware of activities without spirituality. This was exactly the situation John Wesley found himself, he was actively involved in missionary and evangelistic works but lacked true spiristuality-he wasn't saved. Infact it was on one of such missionary trips that it dawned on him that he lacked the real thing, and thank God it was not long after he experienced the new birth. His missionary and evangelistic works took a new and explosive dimension and resulted in the birth of the Methodist movement.

Am I advocating idleness in the church? far be it from me but like they say first things first, get spiritaully grounded first then other things can follow. Every true spirituality will always move a man into active involvement in the things of the kingdom but such a fellow must learn to always spend time with Him to renew himself.
Spirituality simply means conforming to the image of Christ: experiencing/manifesting His life and doing His work.

Friday, 3 October 2008

All work and no rest, makes jack a weak boy

I know we are familiar with the popluar saying that "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" but i have decided to rephrase it in view of what i am about to blog on. Read on 'cos you may find yourself in between the lines...lol. Of course! many of us are guilty albeit, ignorantly, of what i m about to say.

I thought that the almost a week long weekend, sallah and independence day holiday would afford me the opportunity to have some rest and do some of the things that i have left undone over the week but how wrong was I.

It was from one churh meeting after another- a vigil on friday 26th, a workers meeting on saturday 27th, a lenghty worship service on sunday 28th, a neighbourhood fellowship in the evening of the same day, an all night prayer meeting on tuesday preceeded by a fast, a fellowhip on wednesday evening and was immediately followed by a preaching engagement that same night that lasted until 1:00am. By the time I was done and resumed work on Thursday, i noticed a marked change in the sound of my voice with my internal system really agitated. I also noticed a marked increase in my apetite because i hardly had time to eat during most of this period. Of course! this is not the end of the story as the cycle continued after a day's respite on Thursday. Infact, i had to skip a particular meeting on saturday night, this was after the normal workers' meeting, so as to give myself some rest ahead of another hectic sunday. This has been the summary of my life but the intensity and degree with which they came up this holiday, almost got me off my feet.

Did I hear you say, "why are you complaining?" OMG! I am not but I just felt I should share this with you because I know there are those of us who are hyperactive in the kingdom without any time for rest thinking albeit, erroneously, that activity is spirituality. Well, this is a subjet for another blog. And there are those as well in the secular settings who work round the clock trying to make ends meet at the expense of thier health and family.

Jesus rested on several occasions and also encouraged His disciples on one occasion to come over and have some rest. If God Himself rested after His works, you better believe in rest. It takes a healthy body and sound mind to carry the spirit and demonstrate the power of God.
We cannot be wiser than the God who instituted a sabbath day rest. Nothing saps annointing like stress, and fatigue. They also kill initiative and make you misfire.

Rest has a way of enhancing effeciency and increasing productivity and FYI, rest does not imply idleness. No wonder some European countries go on compulsary summer holiday just to afford thier workers some time to rest and attend to other vital , but often negleted, areas of thier life.

I am not to tell you what time to rest but we all know our body system. The best time to rest is when you notice a drop in your performance level or you no longer have time enough to attend to those basic needs of your life such as personnal devotion, your family affairs. Even when you think u still have the stamina to carry on, u still need to pause and give urself some break so as to attend to other issues, no matter how minor they are, which may have suffered neglect.

Some of us try to cover up when we know something is wrong somewhere. On saturday, after our workers meeting that lasted from 4pm to about 8pm, sunday school teachers were asked to wait behind for review ahead of sunday. I didn't wait on this occasion because i had to go and have some rest. That saturday, i left house as early as about 6am for a prayer meeting that lasted until 12noon and by the time i got home, it was about 2pm. When I got home, I did some weeding around my compound until almost 4pm, after which i hurriedly took my bath so i could meet up with the workers meeting. I returned home from the workers meeting almost about 9pm and I was to be in church before 7am the following day being sunday. I am that type that normally spend time on my own usually during the wee hours of the night, preparing for the sunday school topic i am to teach that morning. The truth is that i wouldn't have fully delivered if i had attempted to teach because of fatigue, even my quite time that morning was not that rich.

"when your output exceeds your input, your upkeep becomes your down fall"-Unknown

When my assistant pastor met me in church on sunday morning and was like, "i didn't see you at the preview yesterday, i am not happy". I told him that yesterday was very hectic for me.
Mind you, i knew there were other teachers who could as well do the job that morning and who for some time now has not been teaching. Yours may not be in a religious setting as mine but the truth is that you should always have some time for yourself. It is between you, your God and your destiny.
Before you are, the work was and would remain after you.

What else can i say but that all work and no rest, makes Jack a weak boy!

Luv U!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Motivational Tonic

I came across this stuff on our church's monthly newsletter, "wings of healing", and would like to share them below though, the choice of title is mine.
1) Faith starts where fear stops and fear starts where faith stops.

2) Faith and fear come alike, by hearing; one comes by the word of God, the other by the words of men.

3) Fact and truth resemble, but they are not the same. Indeed they are opposites; for one is the opinion of men, prone to change; the other is God's word, inerrant, infallible and unchanging.

4) Faith overrules fact and will always overrule it anytime, anyday, anywhere, anyway!

5) Neglect not the gift of thy DELETE BUTTON which the Holy Ghost has given thee, but use it freely to pull down strongholds and cast down imaginations.

6) The fear of failure is the father of failure and the worst failure is the failure to make attempts at success.

7) Finally brethren, whatsover thoughts are dirty, whatsoever imaginations are filthy, whatsoever feelings are nastly, whatsoever tempers are unholy, if there be any lust, if there be any anger, if there be any hatred, DELETE THESE THINGS.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Nuggets for Living!

There is this story a friend once sent to me via email which I have also read on a blog, freelancez.blogspot, and would like to reproduce here with an analysis of the morals it teaches. Please don't assume to have read this story before or known the morals it teaches. Though the morals on both the email and post i have read speak of risk and credit management as per financial matters, I want to add another dimension to it which I believe will bless and inspire you.
When I first read this story, what I want to share here was what came to my mind and IMO, should be the real moral of the story.
Here goes the story:

A man is getting into the shower just as his wife is finishing up her shower, when the doorbell rings. The wife quickly wraps herself in a towel and runs downstairs. When she opens the door, there stands Bob, the next-door neighbor. Before she says a word, Bob says, "I'll give you $800.00 to drop that towel." After thinking for a moment, the woman drops her towel and stands naked in front of Bob. After a few seconds, Bob hands her $800.00 and leaves.
The woman wraps back up in the towel and goes back upstairs.. When she gets to the bathroom, her husband asks, "Who was that?"
"It was Bob the next door neighbor," she replies.
"Great!" the husband says, "did he say anything about the $800.00 he owes me?"

Nuggets from the story:
1) The price of Ignorance: Ignorance can make you pay dearly for what belongs to you. If only she knew that the $800.00 was thier's, you can imagine what her response to Mr. Bob would have been- Would have been very embarrasing indeed to him. The devil knows what God has promised His children but sad enough, most of God's children don't and that's why they fall for the devil's tricks and do all sort of things to get what belongs to them. No wonder Jesus wept over Jerusalem becuase they do not know the things that pertain to thier peace.

2) The lack of Intergrity (or the compromise of it): The devil's ploy is to steal (or buy) your integrity and he often achieves this using that which he knows you desire or which is in line with your dreams. he tried it on Jesus when he asked Him to bow down to him that he would give Him the whole kingdom of the world. Hope you know this was what Jesus had come to accomplish, to establish God's kingdom here on earth. If Jesus had bowed down to him, He would have lost the boldness to confront the devil when the chips were down during His ministry esp. the later part of it. Remember, He declared that "the prince of this world (the devil) cometh and has nothing in me". Many of us can not bodly defend what we have because of the path we toed in acquiring them.
The devil also tried it on Joseph at Potipher's house when he offered him the ''opportunity'' to sleep with his masters wife which would have been a short cut to a life of abundance. It takes a man of steel integrity to say no to such offers.
I repeat, the devil knows what God has promised his children and would try to act ahead of time to offer them a short cut to it and in the process steal thier integrity (and boldness).

Whats that that the devil has been dangling at you- a job, a husband, a certificate, a promotion, a contract etc-at the expense of your integrity? Many have exchange thier's and have lost thier boldness both before God and man and some others their destinies as well. Do you think that lady would have the boldness to face Bob?

Integrity compromised, is integrity lost. It can not be regained, it has to be rebuilt. You can regain a lost item but not a lost integrity.
A lost integrity is like a broken bottle and like the late Zik would say, "a broken bottle has no mmekotalism"

Protect yours if you have it.

I know there are other morals from this story, please feel free to xpress yours as well on the comments section.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my world, a passion for change through xpression...
Believe it or not, everybody needs change, one kind of change or the other. Some a spiritual change, others a financial change, while for some others it is a marital change, an academic change etc. The list could go on and on.

As inexhaustive as the subject change is which i do not intend to delve into here, let me say a few things to provoke your thoughts. Life itself is all about change. Infact all our daily toilings are nothing but a subtil statement of our subconscious desire for change no matter the conscious reasons we attach to such toilings. Whether you decide to attend a seminar, to attend a religious meeting, to further your education, to seek a job etc, the ultimate aim is CHANGE.
Do you know that each time you set a goal, you have invariably expressed a desire for a change along that line?

All of us desire one kind of change or the other but not all of us experience the change because
we fail to express this desire mainly due to fears. FYI, the fear of change is the beginning of stagnation (Prince). And like they say, if you do what u have always done, u will remain whom u have always been.
I challenge u to xpress ur desires whether by words or actions as the case may be. Jesus in Mark 11:24, advised us to xpress our desires in prayers and as christians, this should be our first line of expression.

Take it or leave it, you are where you are because you have refused to express your desire for change. No doubt you have desires for certain changes in your life but until you xpress them nothing is achieved. The daughters of Zelophehad, in Numbers 27:1-9 would have lost thier inheritance if they had only a desire for it without the courage to xpress it even in the most unusual manner. It was when they expressed this desire that divinity stepped into thier matter and decided in thier favour. We all know the account.
Desire without expression leads to frustration (Prince) This blog as a matter of fact is a statement of my desire for a change and that is why i entitled it "A passion for change through expression..." I decided to express this desire to avert a looming frustration...lol
I welcome you once again to my world where i will be expressing myself like i don't care even though i do. So don't take that phrase "like i don't care" to the extreme cos i really care...lol
Because i care, i will do my best to ensure that this blog lifts your spirit and impacts your life positively.

Welcome! I say, to my world. Would you join me?

Luv U all!

Footnote: Its about 3am and as i paused to go through the manuscript of this my first post, OMG! what joy that flooded my soul. Is this what it feels like, blogging? or is it just a beginner's excitement that would fade with time?